The Genolevures RESOURCES page offers an added wealth of information. The resources you find here will help you learn more about genomes, yeast, and general health conditions. There are many resources online and you can find information around every corner. Our featured resources are what we think have the most relevant and up to date information and data. We hope you’re ready for some reading and learning. Have a look at the following great resources.

World Health Organization The World Health Organization offers a multitude of fact sheets and articles about health conditions, diseases, and more. This website also gives updates on the health and safety situations in different countries. You will find notifications of where outbreaks are currently taking place and where health emergencies are. This site is a wealth of information on all things health and medical. 41 - Resources

NCBI This link will take you the NCBI website and to specifically the pages where you can find great information and explanations regarding the human genome. You will learn about genetics, genomes, science, and so much more. There are resources that you can download and also several tutorials. The site is very specifically about genome mapping and other genetic-related topics and resources. 42 - Resources

Saccharomyces Genome Database This is another great resource about genetics and genomes. You can find all sorts of information about yeast-human homology, alleles, phenotypes, and much more. You can access webinars, view tutorials, and read some more about yeast genomes and genetics. 43 - Resources If you are interested in any of these topics, you will find these resources very helpful.