How Much Damage Can An Awful Sunburn Do?

Here is what we are aware of about cancer risk and sunburn: The moment you go outside during summer, you should not forget to SLIP a shirt on, SLOP on sunblock, and SLAP on a cap or any head gears to avoid from having sunburn. This is what you call the SLIP-SLOP-SLAP, which means that this is the way that you can have fun on outdoor activities in a way that is healthy for our skin, according to a professor of Epidemiology and Dermatology, Dr. Martin Weinstock. This recommendation was focused to the campaign of SLIP-SLOP-SLAP, a sun-blocker initiative which started in Australia during the 80’s. Its objective was to push people to protect themselves from the heat of the sun to mitigate the risk of having skin cancer. Today, this may seem to be a great advice. Even a slight sunburn can heighten the risk of skin cancer of a person. This is due to the fact that the skin absorb UV radiation from the sunlight, which could yield to damaging your skin cell’s genetic material. For a short while, this damage could lead to sunburns. However, if it occurred for a longer time, it can develop and raise the risk of skin cancer. This kind of circumstance is where once you acquire some sunburns, which intensifying your risk of skin cancer by little. But the moment you have several sunburns, that would lead to serious risk of cancer. Even if you have never got burned, the exposure to sunlight alone can increase your chances of building up skin cancer. It is not the burn alone that impacts the risk of skin cancer, it is the exposure of the sun that is linked with that particular burn. What raises the risk is the UV radiation that is absorbed through the skin.

Early exposure is dangerous.

pexels photo 319930 - How Much Damage Can An Awful Sunburn Do? Women who have undergone nearly 5 blistering sunburns when they were 15-20 years old were more likely 80% compared to others to build up melanoma skin cancer in the long run. In general, early exposures are of greater concern compared to later exposures in life. If you have a longer time of having extra damage to your calls, it can really lead to skin cancer or other grave consequences. This is the reason why it is essential that the parents must take the initiative to protect their kids from the sun, and also take care of themselves as well. Clothing with a tight weave and a sunscreen with SPF30 or more will offer great protection for the blocked areas. Moreover, looking for shade under an umbrella, shelter, or tree can also aid in protecting you from the sun. Also, you need to avoid using indoor tanning beds since it can raise the risk of skin cancer and it damages skin cells. If you see any development of new patches, growth, sores, or spots on your skin that do not heal within many weeks, you must immediately make an appointment with your doctor. Also, observe changes in the size, color or shape of any present moles or other growth on your skin since it may be a sign of skin cancer. Regardless of skin cancer’s risk, keeping safe does not indicate to be a hermit during summer seasons. You can always use the SLIP-SLOP-SLAP way to help you be safe even while you enjoy the sunlight.