Latest Discoveries in Medicine

Medical advances happen regularly and each time it makes new things possible and improves human health. Some advances that we are seeing today are the things that we thought were science-fiction and impossible not too many years ago. Technology and science have brought so many great discoveries that we can only stand in awe. Today, Genolevures brings you some of these developments that are either already being used or will be in the near future. Cancer Analysis – Not only are there different types of cancer, but there is also different degrees and variations of each cancer. Some cancers are more lethal than others and some cases are worse than others. Scientists have got a new way of analysing the genome of a tumor so doctors can determine whether a specific cancer will be reactive to a certain treatment or not. This means that patients will no longer need to undergo a cocktail of treatments that may or may not help. They will be able to undergo treatments that have a higher likelihood of attacking the cancer. Seizure Prevention – Hundreds of thousands of people in the world suffer from epilepsy. Epilepsy causes seizures that people who have it cannot control. A new invention called the NeuroPace has given hope to these people. The NeuroPaceactually stops seizures before they happen by detecting the coming seizure and counteracting those pulses with its own electrical pulses. This device can make the lives of so many people easier. Severe epilepsy inhibits the sufferer’s basic functionality and they can often not work or do anything where they are not monitored or supervised. This device could open a whole new world for these people. Bionic Eyes – We warned you about the sci-fi aspect. Functional bionic eyes are available for people who are blind. It is not perfected yet and still needs some work, but the bionic eye is a real thing. This technology has been available since 2011 but has only recently been approved and given the go-ahead. The technology for the bionic eye will be improved and soon help millions of people who struggle with their vision. Hepatitis C Cure – This is another excellent discovery. Cures for Hepatitis C have been available for years, but it wasn’t as effective or successful as doctors wanted. A new, more potent cure has been developed and it has 95% success rate. Compared to the 70% rate of previous cures, that is pretty amazing. The new cure also has a shorter course period and does not need added injections that may cause side effects. These are only a drop in the bucket of the new and wonderful advances that scientists and doctors have made on the medical front. So many patients with different health concerns and diseases will be helped by these and many other new inventions and developments. To read about more great advances, read this Men’s Health article and this Huffington Post article.

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