Advantages of Genome Studies and Mapping

The Human Genome Project and genomics are of great benefit to human health. It has already changed the way scientists study disease and treatments and it will continue to do so. With genomics and the study of specific genes comes the many possibilities to improve human life and help us live longer and healthier lives. As more and more advances are made and scientists learn new and wonderful things about our genetic makeup, the more we as the average human will be able to benefit from genetics and mapping. Genolevures has a special place for genomics and the great things that come from it. You can have a look at our RESOURCES page to find out more about exactly what genomes are and how scientists study them. A quick summary of the advantages:

  1. It can help identify risk factors and health hazards. Doctors can have a look at any individual’s own genetic makeup and identify problem genes or genes that may represent a risk for developing certain diseases. This is done by comparing the person’s genes with sample genes that are healthy or also carry the risk factors. This could help people prevent the development of certain diseases or at least help them take precautions or preventative measures as far as possible.
  2. How we practice medicine will change. With the help of mapping and imaging, doctors will be able to practice preventative medicine instead of simply treating people that are already sick. When the doctor can know beforehand if and which diseases may develop, they can do so much more to prevent it or treat it more effectively.
  3. It helps scientists identify disease fingerprints. Every disease has a fingerprint that identifies it. These fingerprints can be found in the DNA of people who share the disease. By studying people with diseases and their DNA, scientists are able to identify and map these similarities and use them to identify the disease in people who may be at risk. There have already been discoveries of certain cancers that have the same fingerprint.
  4. It can help people live better. If your genes are mapped and you know that you have a risk or a predisposition to develop a specific disease, you are more likely to take precautions and live healthier to prevent it from developing. It would be possible for people at risk to make changes to their lifestyle early on and also potentially start a drug regime that can prevent or control the disease early on.
  5. Genomes and mapping help with developing treatments. The more scientists know about genomes and disease-carrying genes, the better they are able to develop treatments and drugs that can alter the gene or at least treat the disease in a way that will help patients live healthier and longer. It has already made such a huge difference in developing treatments that can be better targeted at specific genes or other factors.
Genomics, DNA, and all the related fields are truly making a difference in human health and disease prevention. There is a lot that we still need to learn and as scientists learn more and more, we will be able to live longer and treat fatal diseases earlier and more efficiently.
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