Latest Discoveries with Genetics and Genomes

New discoveries and advances in genome studies occur almost daily. Projects are completed, new functions are discovered, different genes are unravelled and new projects are started. The studies into genomes and genetics and how they influence our biological makeup and diseases have already made huge impacts on human life and health. Today, this is even more true. Since the Human Genome Project was completed, the study into genomes and how we can understand them to help prevent disease and stop the inheritance of diseased genes have sky rocketed. There are new discoveries and advances very regularly and today we at Genolevures would like to just recap a few of the most recent ones.

Carey-Fineman-Ziter Syndrome

Researchers from all over the world came together to study the genomic cause for Carey-Fineman-Ziter syndrome. This is a syndrome that is quite rare and affects the muscles. It is hereditary. The research findings have shed light on how the muscles form in an embryo as well as on how cells regenerate. This is a discovery that took place just a few months ago in July.

Type 2 Diabetes and Obesity

Type 2 Diabetes has become very prominent in recent years. Researchers have studied the genetics of this disease for a long time and they have revealed a detailed explanation of these genetics. It is more complex than anyone knew before and can definitely help to treat and even prevent this disease in the future. Linked to this, researchers also found that there are genomic underpinnings of obesity. They specifically studied Africans and African-Americans and found that a percentage of these Africans carry a genomic variant that increases their vulnerability for developing diabetes.

Genomic Signature of Cancer

Cancer is a very serious disease that take many lives every year. Researchers discovered that at least five types of cancer have a similar genomic signature. This was in 2016. They expect that this fingerprint will be present in more types of cancer and that this could be something we can test for to detect cancer at an early stage. The next step was to find a type of blood test or other method to see whether this signature is present in any given individual’s genetic makeup. This would help doctors help so many patients before they get to advanced stages of cancer.

Histone 1

Histone 1 is a molecule found in DNA that prevents genomic instability. This molecule can stop or silence the part of a genome that can cause major damage to DNA. Genomic instability is the main factor that causes mutation and the development of tumors. Histone 1 can help to discover treatments and prevention methods to help cure cancer and other diseases. Genomes and genetics studies are extremely interesting and they will also one day lead to cures for diseases that are fatal today. They will also help us isolate and repair genes that may cause disease and give us the ability to identify risk factors before any damage can be caused. There is so much more to know about genetics and genomes and we invite you to read some more interesting facts about genetics as well as how they have helped scientists. You can also visit the National Human Genome Research Institute website for more latest discoveries.

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