8 Surprising Things That Are Making You Tired

Too Much Work

The average person works 40+ hours per week and most likely comes home to do other "adulting" type activities like maintaining a household, dinner, perhaps a side job or hobby, and so on. Our culture always seems to be busy, but being busy and working all the time can be exhausting. If you feel tired a lot it could simply mean you are too busy and working too much. You may be worn out both physically and emotional and just need a break. Try to take breaks in your routine throughout the day and make sure to listen to your body and rest.

Lack of Sun

If your body is not getting enough natural light, it goes into sleep mode. A lack of Vitamin D shows symptoms of depression, fatigue, tiredness, anger, anxiety, irritability, and so on. This is why some people have what is called "seasonal depression." This happens in the winter months when the days are shorter and there is less sunlight or time being spent outdoors. Try taking breaks throughout the day to go outside on short walks, even a 10 minute walk twice a day will help. If you can just get outdoors every single day, rain or shine, it will help with your feelings of tiredness. In more extreme cases, Vitamin D supplements help a lot! lack of sun 300x150 - 8 Surprising Things That Are Making You Tired

Not Enough Exercise

You would think that the more you sit around, the less tired you will be, but this is actually not true. Yes, you can oversleep and sitting in one position for long periods of time will actually take away any sort of energy. Your body translates stillness with going to sleep, so the longer you sit, the more tired and sleepy you will feel. Get up and move! It is recommended that we get at least 30 minutes of exercise each day. Join a gym, go on a run, go for a walk, stretch, etc.

Inconsistent Sleep Pattern

Having an inconsistent sleep pattern is not only bad for your actual sleep, but bad for your health. Our bodies have an internal clock and when we go out of wack and have no schedule, our clock goes crazy. If you spend your weekends out late until the wee hours of the morning and then wake up early for work on Monday, you are actually giving your body jet lag. It will feel tired and sluggish. Try sticking to some sort of a consistent sleep pattern as much as possible. Your body will thank you and you will sleep better and wake up truly rested!

Not Enough Water

A lot of people are actually mildly dehydrated at all times. When you feel thirsty,  you've already lost 2 or 3 percent of body fluid. Even this mild dehydration can make you feel tired or lethargic. Your blood volume lowers, which means you don't get as much blood to your brain and your heart has to pump harder. Make it a point to drink water, even when you don't feel thirsty. Set a timer once per hour to alert you to drink a full glass of water. screen time before bed 300x200 - 8 Surprising Things That Are Making You Tired

Screen Time Before Bed

It is proven that being on your phone or having screen time right before bed actually effects your quality of sleep. The light from our phones or screens alerts our brains to wake up. Then when we put our phone away and try to fall asleep, it takes longer to get into you rem cycle. Rem is when you are truly in a deep, restful sleep and we need it in order to function properly. Try having no screen time 30 minutes before bed. Instead read an actual book or do something that doesn't require looking at a bright screen.

Being Overweight

Did you know that even gaining as little as 5-10 pounds can make you feel fatigued and tired? Now imagine being overweight or obese. Your body is having to carry this extra weight around and it can be exhausting. The only solution is to make smarter choices and lose weight. Cut out junk food, sugary drinks and snacks and instead opt for whole foods and lots of lean meats and vegetables. You will sleep better, feel better, have more energy, and look better!

Radiation Exposure

Believe it or not every single one of us is exposed to some amount of radiation every single day. In fact, electromagnetic radiation that comes from devices like our cell phones, laptops, and Wifi routers can leave us with symptoms that we may not even know are linked to radiation. EMF (electromagnetic) radiation symptoms include; tiredness, fatigue, lack of sleep, restlessness, headache, feelings of depressions, etc. If you are healthy, not overweight, workout, and have exhausted all reasons as to why you are tired, you may simply have radiation hypersensitivity. Some people don't feel the effects of radiation at all while other are more sensitive to them. Luckily, there are lots of ways to protect yourself at home, especially where you sleep, so that you can sleep and feel better. IRDA.org talks all about this here.